IoT Target Market - Reduce Operational Costs vs Increase Revenue

Recently I posted a discussion topic in one of the IoT LinkedIn group . Traditionally, IoT is seen as a monitoring technology such as tracking assets via GPS or reading meters remotely. Those are the days of using technology to optimise the operations and thus reducing costs is seen to be the main focus. However, when… » 10/22/14 8:58pm 10/22/14 8:58pm

Internet of Things (IOT) Target Market - Consumer (B2C) or Enterprise…

2014 is the "Year of Internet of Things" - Hype or Truth? Before 2014, many players have already embarked in building the IOT devices, developing middleware and some solutions. But why 2014 is named as the "Year of IOT"? I think one of the main reasons is because many big players have been in a "background mode"… » 7/10/14 2:55am 7/10/14 2:55am

The Importance of Building an Internet of Things (IOT) Ecosystem

A natural life ecosystem is defined as a biological community of interacting organisms plus their physical environment. In the same way, a business ecosystem is "the network of buyers, suppliers and makers of related products or services" plus the socio-economic environment, including the institutional and regulatory… » 1/26/14 9:11pm 1/26/14 9:11pm

Concept and Definition of Self-Quantified Network

I have recently defined the Self-Quantified Network in my previous post. Imagine a network is just like a "human" trying to make himself more "healthy", "Sociable", "good mood", "more productive", "enjoy hobbies", "enjoy the travels" - And what if the network is also capable of improving itself by having "better… » 12/18/13 1:14am 12/18/13 1:14am

Self-Quantified Network a.k.a Shadow Network

Recently, I have posted the concept of Shadow Network that intelligently sense and adapts its network characteristics to its surroundings. I began to realise that this concept is quite similar to the Quantified-Self whereby sensors are being used to collect data regarding the individual and track his health,… » 12/16/13 4:20am 12/16/13 4:20am

A Perfect DNA Will Drive the Whole Mobile Ecosystem

In the early days of mobile Internet when GPRS and 3G was introduced, all mobile service providers was so excited to get their spectrum to be fully utilise. However, many operators didn't realise the extend of the after-effects when provide Internet access to the users. Initially, operators offered Unlimited Data or… » 8/02/13 3:40am 8/02/13 3:40am