The World Revolves Around Internet of Things
The World Revolves Around Internet of Things
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CItiAct From REDtone IOT is Ready for Worldwide Deployment

For reporting vandalism, unattended garbage, illegal parking, potholes, faulty traffic lights, and other issues - the CitiAct mobile app makes reporting a neighborhood problem to City Hall easier than ever.

This app uses your location and gives you a menu of common quality-of-life conditions to choose from in your service request. Uploading a photo with your report also helps the City staff quickly identify the problem using CitiAct Case Management System. You may comment on your submissions and you will be notified when the status of the issue is updated.

Are you a concerned citizen? Or are you the City Halls authorities that want to improve the cities? We have both solutions.


CitiAct is now ready for worldwide deployment. For further details, please contact REDtone IOT Email:

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